We not only provide you with any cut of pork, from whole loins to rack chops, but we carry pork products from a variety of specialty pork vendors to satisfy every request.

Beelers Pork Duroc breed pigs raised humanely, compassionately, naturally.

At Beelers, Grandpa’s passion for raising superior tasting pork, humanely raised, endured the test of time. Taste the flavor explosion created by just the right amount of marbling. Always tender and juicy due to proper ph (natural moisture holding capacity). Each cut hand trimmed to our rigorous standards, allowing you to take from package to stove top without any additional trimming. This procedure has served us well, as some of the country’s most discerning chefs and retailers have selected our products to offer you. They appreciate and rely upon the consistency of product and flavor that generations of passion have poured into our products. We accomplished this by enhancing our pork the “natural” way…….with genetics. Searching the world over we found the perfect pig. A Danish Duroc, or “red” pig. Our Duroc sired pork delivers that flavor explosion, tenderness, and juiciness delivering a memorable dining experience.

Kurobuta – Berkshire pork is called Kurobuta (Black Hog) in Japan. Darker looking than standard pork, Kurobuta is known for it’s good marbling, richer taste, and is never injected with brine water (seasoning) as some pork is.

Prime Pork – a flavor sensation at an unbeatable price. Prime pork comes from an Iowa based provider, and their unique program is a reasonably priced substitute for some of the more expensive pork products like Kurobuta.

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