Wagyu Tri-Tip

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  • Australian Wagyu cross BMS 3-4 (higher grade than Prime)
  • Wagyu genetics elevates this cut to “amazing”
  • The star of Santa Maria BBQ
  • Bold flavor with a great balance of tenderness
  • Season with your favorite rub, grill entire roast and slice
  • 1 tri-tips per package
  • Select weight desired
  • Ships Frozen

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Fulton H.

Due to the pandemic I have not been able to enjoy fresh BBQ at my favorite restaurants. Over the past few months I have been trying some of the well known internet sources for Wagyu beef.
I came across Epic and liked their website and selection and gave it a try. I ordered a large Wagyu Tri-Tip roast. I always trim the tip off and cook it separately for my husky without any dry rub. The tip is usually overcooked by the time the majority of the roast reaches medium and I am able to remove it from the grill while it is still pink inside. I was impressed at the tenderness and depth of marbling inside when I cut the tip off. I liberally sprinkled my favorite rub and got to smoking. When the temperature was just right I pulled it off and shortly thereafter served up what to my family was the best Tri-Tip ever.

benoit pecqueur
A must try

Love it! We had an amazing experience