Australian Wagyu New York BMS 8/9. 1 steak 16oz

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Australian Wagyu beef is a cross breed of authentic bloodline Japanese Wagyu and a domestic Australian breed. The result is highly marbled cut way above USDA Prime but less marbled than pure Japanese A5 Wagyu.  In fact, many flavor palates prefer  Australian Wagyu over the Japanese counterpart. Australian soils, grasses and climate as well as different grazing and feeding processes all contribute to delicious differences but with the same distinct Wagyu taste. The art of raising prize winning Wagyu beef cattle is serious business, whether family tradition or love for beef. Wagyu breeders and ranchers take exceptional pride in their work.


  • Incredible value to experience the Wagyu difference
  • 1 steak individually vacuum packaged
  • 16oz. each piece
  • Ships frozen

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