Peeled Wild Caught Mexican Blue Shrimp (8oz)

Have you been looking for a wild-caught shrimp that is free from chemicals and preservatives? This is the highest quality sustainable wild shrimp on the market. All the shrimp are caught from small day-boats off the western coast of Mexico that results in the lowest by-catch and fuel consumption in the world.  This is that high end shrimp that you have been looking for that produces a sweet, crisp flavor. Almost zero work, toss in a stir fry and your dish will be ready in minutes!

  • Peeled and Deveined
  • Deveined by hand
  • 26/30 Shrimp per package
  • First "Fair Trade Certified" wild shrimp company
  • Traceable via internet
  • 8oz package
  • Ships Frozen